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Soft Amphorae,
2016- 2022

The Process

This project is an intuitive and experimental research rooted
in a sustainable process.

It reflects a way of living and creating specific to my Brazilian heritage, which relies on collecting direct resources —wether it is natural or post consumerist waste—and let that directly influence the objects you create.

A simple idea of reusing and reshaping without wasting additional earth resources.

Assemblages of found glass shapes are the base structure for each piece, meaning that the main form is the result of luck, at first, rather than some- thing entirely dictated by my own creativity. 
I then try to find balance in these found shapes through two elements; first: a set of handles, which are a playful reference to greek amphorae. And second: a colour rhythm; which is also influenced by my environment as I create dyes with natural elements I’ve collected.

The textile is then developed through a specific handknitted structure, combining dyed linen yarns with leftover yarns from textile factories.

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