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Lake Orchestra,

La Becque, 2020

The idea is to create a series of sculpture for an interior space by the water.

The movement of the water is recorded through sensors, this will be used to activate the sculpture and make them move according to the water rhythm. The natural materials that the sculpture is made of will produce sounds through these movements.

The broader project reflects on how to use simple technology to actually reconnect us and our inside spaces with our surroundings and to certain rhythms found in nature. Our daily routines are now composed of alarms, notification and vibrations; an ever-growing soundscape created by the technology we use, connecting us to far away places and somehow creating the feeling of being less connected to our direct surrounding - as if the use of technology somehow diminishes our experience of the real, the direct outside of our bodies. This experience tries to link technology and sounds in a new direction and to reconnect us somehow to rhythms from the earth.

In this particular project I will use water and wind, but we could go as far as using seismic movements etc.

The work includes notions of control, which plays a big part in the use of technology. I’ve ask myself what if we create technological tools but pass the remote control back to nature, what happens?

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