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Soft Amphorae

These vessels emphasise my desire to create unique objects through handmade processes and craftsmanship. It reflects a way of living and creating specific to my Brazilian heritage, which relies on collecting direct resources — this can be natural or post consumerist wastes — and let that material influence the objects you create. What I produce from one month to another is then heavily influenced by what can be found and collected in my locality. 


Found shapes of glass are stacked to create new forms, which are then balanced by a set of malleable handles and a variety of stripe rhythms. The malleable handles reflect on the fluid quality of textiles and allows new ideas to be shaped and reshaped. This versatility in form and colour allows the object to enhance or adapt to the dynamic of any space. 


The result is a characterful object mixing archetypal forms of the greek amphora and basketry. 
Each Soft Amphorae has two different coloured sides and most can be turned upside down.
They can hold water on either end. 

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