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Screen Printing + Colour Research

Screenprinting often needs to be very precise, in this case,
I have created an illustration which becomes stronger by not following this rule.


A single screen is used with wavy stripes and is repeated in various colours. 


Not being precise in this case creates random Moiré effects, which alters the visual every time in different ways. 



various samples of the research

Screen Printing

A floral print created with two screens. 

Ombré effect appears when repeating the pattern on a large surface, due to the striped illustration and the fact that it is printed by hand and therefore slightly imprecise. 





screenprinted experiments on mixing the 2 screens on various positions, on various fabrics. 

Woven Pattern Experiment  

These two woven samples use the exact same basic pattern.


 I experimented on how to blur a woven pattern through very simple processes allowed by a simple loom. 

Various Digital Experiments for Prints

Woven Blankets for Slowdown Studio

Tulip Print for wrapping paper 

Booklet of various prints representing memories of places 

and people from my trip in Brasil

Beach Towel Collection

An algorithmic system has been set up to design prints 

based on people's name.