Speedy Harmony Collector Things 

June 2019

SHCT is a fashion project in collaboration with fashion artist Hedwig Vervoort. This project is about exploring the handmade feeling of clothing and celebrating a more intuitive way of dressing up. 

For this project, I developed the knitwear and redesigned
the whole space of Het Meterhuis in Westergas, handcrafting all the objects in collaboration with artists and designers. 


I developed the knitwear by repetitively knitting the same simple shapes and assembling them in different ways,

playing with the fact that slits in the structure of the garment then become rounded holes once stretched on the body.

The idea behind it is to deconstruct the garment to facilitate
the production since we are making everything by hand,
and by deconstructing it so much you end up with a weird

form that you can wrap around your body in different ways,

this process really opens up new ideas of how to think

of a garment and the whole act of dressing up, or maybe takes

it back to a more simple and intuitive state.