The Project


Modern Art Hire, London. photography by Ben Anders

​The end result of each research is a sculptural and functional

object that can be bought through galleries and design shops.


Each Soft Amphorae has two different coloured sides

and can be turned upside down. They hold water on either end.

The malleable handles reflect on the fluid quality of textiles and allows new ideas to be shaped and reshaped, creating various dynamic possibilities within a space.

The textile is developed through a specific handknitted structure,  combining linen with leftover yarns from textile factories.
The inside structure is made of assembled found shapes of glass.

This project is an intuitive and experimental research rooted in a sustainable process.  It reflects a way of living and creating specific to my Brazilian heritage,
which relies on collecting direct resources (whether it’s natural or post consumerism waste) and let that directly influence the objects you create.

This simple idea of reusing and reshaping without wasting additional earth resources

is at the core of my practice.  

Soft Pitcher

1 handle

same colour all around

There are 3 typologies: 

Soft Amphora

2 handles

2 coloured sides

Double Amphora

4 handles 

2 vases, each with the

same colours all around

Soft Amphorae is a project that emerges from a textile and colour research, from the yarn up, and ends up in the desire of creating unique objects through handmade processes and craftsmanship.

The project is a continuous research –a library of carefully selected yarns combined with natural dyes to obtain specific colour combinations.